WhatsApp payments feature now available in India


Most awaited feature in WhatsApp is now available for beta users in India.

In India already UPI payments space is occupied by giant companies like paytm, Flipkart, Google.

Still, for WhatsApp, it’s very easy to get market in this segment. Whatsapp already has the highest market in India.

At present, Whatsapp UPI payments feature only allows to send money to the customers who are registered in Whatsapp only. There is no option to send outside persons with their another app/bank UPI address.

PhonePe, Tez, Paytm apps will allow sending money to any bank/UPI address.

Customers who are using beta version are claiming that present beta app doesn’t contain all features which will be releasing soon to normal users.

Vijay Shekhar Sharma, CEO of paytm company criticized WhatsApp on his twitter account. He said that Facebook(the company which bought WhatsApp) may control the UPI system if Whatsapp payments allowed in India.

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