Jio revised tariff applicable from Jan 09


Jio brought out a breaking change in the way telecom company’s treating customers and changed the entire tariff model. Now, Even jio can’t cope with the competition. Within a few months, the tariff has been reduced and new tariff plans released which will be applicable from January 9th. As part of this tariff change, 1.5 GB per day plans have been introduced.

With these new tariff plans, 1GB per day plans will be available 50 rupees lesser than the previous price and All previous 1 GB plans will give customer’s 1.5 GB data per day. You can see all the plan details in the image above. This offer changes only for prime users. As part of this new plan, a 91 day 1 GB plan is now available for Rs 449. 1.5 GB 91 days plan is available for 498 rupees. If you observe clearly, 1 GB/Day plans are 50 rupees less price than usual and 1.5 GB/day plans are the same price as the previous 1GB/day plans.

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