WhatsApp Unknowingly released group messaging feature

WhatsApp has recently come with a lot of features these days. WhatsApp has unexpectedly released a feature that would soon be coming up for WhatsApp groups. Soon after, the feature has been removed in another update. In near feature, WhatsApp is planning to release group conference calls feature along with some other group messaging features.WhatsApp Unexpectedly released a feature of WhatsApp group messaging and removed within no time.

This group private messaging feature in the WhatsApp gives the ability to send a message privately to a person in a group. These messages are available in the group chat but only the person whom it has been intended will see that message. WhatsApp has removed in this update soon after releasing the feature. This update is reported to be released for normal users instead of beta users. It is understandable that this feature is still under consideration and has been reported as a mistake in the programming.

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