Cheapest Internet & IP TV plans from AP Government through Fiber Net launched yesterday

The Andhra government’s attempt to set up fiber grid as part of an effort to provide Internet to every home at the lowest price in Andhra Pradesh has been launched by President yesterday. This fiber network can give internet access at the lowest cost. The 149-rupee plan is the lowest plan among all other planes will give 15 Mbps speed till 5GB FUP. Post 5 GB speed reduces to 1 Mbps. The rest of the plan details will be available in the photo below.

Apart from the internet, it also offers 250 TV channels at the same price through the set-top box. Telephone facility can also be obtained through this service. Usually, we pay at least 120 rupees for TV Channels and 200 for the internet. With this 149 rs government package, it will provide all of these services.Apart from the television channels, you can avail additional features like playing games, making video calls, browsing the internet on TV etc… If you look at the video given below, you will be able to understand what more you can do with fiber net.

This fiber net grid is available in every district. If you want to know whether your area has access or not then just visit this link. If you want to apply for a connection, click on this link. Internet Plans are available at149, 399, 599 (Home Plans) and 999,1499, 2499 (institutions / businesses). Full plan details are available in the picture below.

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