One Plus 5 Getting Face Unlock Feature in the Next Update


OnePlus5T is the latest flag ship mobile released from the brand One Plus. Compared to OnePlus5T, OnePlus5 have all the features available at the same price except Face Unlock feature. There is not even an exchange offer made available on this model. So, Obviously who bought oneplus5 model got disappointed. This made OnePlus to to release the Face Unlock feature.

Carl Pei, CEO of OnePlus today announced on twitter that soon OnePlus5 is going to receive Face Unlock feature Update. Carl Pei said that On OnePlus5 users demand this feature will be released in the next OS update.

Face Unlock feature is very fast and comfortable but it will be unlocked by spoofing the authorised person. That’s not a big issue because that not a mondatory option. User may use finger print security as an alternative security option.

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