Google is removing Youtube from Amazon devices

A little war is ongoing between Amazon & Youtube from a few months, Now reached to peak. Fact is the war is actually between Google and Amazon. Google used Youtube as a tool to bend Amazon.This war is actually an indirect fight between Google Home & Amazon Alexa.

In fact, the problem arises because Amazon is not interested in putting Google Chrome, Google home and nest hardware devices in the store. For this reason, Google wants to remove YouTube application from Amazon echo speakers and on Amazon Fire TV from January 1st. Google said it will solve this issue soon but, If this isn’t gone well then Youtube will be removed from Jan 1st.

Amazon responded to this issue.

Very disappointed that the site which is accessible to the public is selectively barring access.

Google is also unable to digest the lack of Amazon’s prime support in chrome cast. Because of these issues google trying to bend Amazon. It’s better to solve the problem as early as possible for both companies.

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