#GoogleForIndia – Google new announcements for India

Google has organized an event in Delhi in the name of #GoogleForIndia today. This event is about Google’s future plan in India. In this event, Google will reveal details about already launched and going to launch projects. The event was already started at 11.50 AM.

Google has announced the Android Oreo version in line with India’s requirements. The Oreo version will be available in 2018.Oreo version is modified according to performance, storage, security for Indian needs.

Google Assistant is going to be available also with entry-level level devices that run on low memory. Google Assistent will also work in Hindi.More Indian languages will be available soon.On this occasion, Google explained how Google Assistant will work on devices such as Jio 1500 rs phone.

Files Go App is the best way to remove unnecessary files, apps etc.This app will filter apps and files based on user usage criteria.This app has already been launched by Early Access. But now it is officially launched.

The Google Search App Google Go is designed for the entry-level phone which has less memory. Google Go App is available in 5 MB.

Google maps brought a new feature Bike mode exclusively now for Indian users.This feature will give best route suggestions to escape traffic.

Google Tez is already launched in Indian market.New information available from the event is that with Tez we can pay bills, Make a recharge and a lot more services are coming through app.

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