Google Maps Launched a new feature for bikers – Bike Mode

For bike users, they are more likely to escape than 4 wheelers such as cars and trucks. This is exactly what Google has thought and released a new feature called Bike Mode in the Google Maps app. Specially tailored routes are made for bike users. This feature shows where traffic is low for bike users on any route.

This feature is currently available for some people in India only. This feature can be accessed by clicking on the option of Bike Mode for any root. Usually, the bike can even travel in smaller routs, and the time to ride with the bike is very less compared to the car. By this bike feature, one can escape traffic by google suggestion of smaller roads. For a 250 KM of distance, we can easily reduce the time of 40 minutes on a bike compared to cars and other 4 wheelers.

To get this feature available, you must be sure that the Maps application version is above than v.9.67.1. Today Google is making some announcements on future plans going on for the Indian market in the Google For India summit.

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