OnePlus5T STAR WARS limited edition on december 14

OnePlus5T is making a huge sound in the flagship range mobiles. Recently OnePlus launched a limited edition Lava Red colour OnePlus5T in China. Now, OnePlus going to launch a limited edition of STARWARS OnePlus5T exclusively for India. This STARWARS edition OnePlus5T will be released on December 14 before a day the STARWARS the last Jedi movie trailer release.

STARWARS OnePLus5T mobile has a white colour on the back side and black colour on the front side. STAR WARS logo is on the back side with red colour. The power button also has a red colour. The front side of the picture we can see a star trooper image. Assuming this I think there will be software customization also made in the OnePlus5T.

This mobile going to be launched on 14 December along with the fans of star wars.Tickets will be sold on PAYTM at 999 rupees per ticket. Tickets Available from December 7 10 AM onwards.

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