Chandamama old books now available to download


Do you remember Those colour drawings which we have mesmerized, those interesting stories which made us fall asleep. Yes, those are Chandamama books. Those books made 60’s to 90’s kid’s life more enthusiastic. Those books are not available now. Chandamama company was sold to Geo Desic company which wind up in 2016 without any notice.Even before that chandamama company actually stopped printing books in 2013.

Don’t worry. Those books are available for download through the website. From 1954 to 1986 all the books available to download/read.Present there are only Telugu and English language books are available. The website stated that other language books will be available within a short time. Go ahead and download books from this link and share this news with the fans of chandamama books.

Chandamama Books Link :

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