SAMSUNG took patent for palm unlock technology


SAMSUNG is a pioneer in introducing technology to the people. Although Samsung faced much criticism on copying Apple designs, that doesn’t make much difference in SAMSUNG business. Now SAMSUNG brought a new technology to secure your mobile.After using pattern, face, eyes, fingerprint now Samsung comes with palm. Yes, you heard it right. It’s a palm.

SAMSUNG in their patent file stated that with the mobile rear camera it captures users palm and stores in the device memory. Next time when the user forgets the password it asks the user to scan their palm and confirms authenticity. After successful recognition, it shows the password hint in the line of palm with an unclear format which only the authentic user can understand.So, with that hint user can unlock the device. SAMSUNG may not introduce this feature in the upcoming SAMSUNG GALAXY S9. There are rumours that SAMSUNG is actually testing on FACE Un-lock feature to bring on SAMSUNG GALAXY S9. Already ONEPLUS 5T adopted Apple’s Face Unlock Feature. More brands are in the process of testing Face Un-lock for their products.

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