Top 5 Best E-Book Readers Available for Android

So many of us obsessed with reading books. But literally, we can’t take them where ever we go. Even if we try to take them with us, We can’t keep more than 3-4 books. e-book readers are tiny apps that make us read books on mobiles, tablets.These apps do a lot more than only reading. They remember the last page where we have left, night mode to make your eyes comfort, search for the meaning of the word with built-in/plugin dictionary, high light text in the book which you can re-read.

I have tried a lot of e-book readers, well approximately 10 + apps. These 5 apps are the best according to my reading comfort.

  1. Google Play Books

I love google play books app. Because it gives very comfort in reading. Fonts, color, page flow, dictionary everything perfect.You can sync your books on many devices with your account. But, the problem is you can’t read downloaded pdf files perfectly. You can’t read many e-book formats except downloaded from google play books app. This one is really a negative thing because there are various e-book sellers with different formats. But, Google books won’t support. If you buy books from google play books then it’s an awesome option to go for.

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2.Kindle by Amazon

Kindle is now the top best app in the world to read books. It has almost same options as google play books. In Kindle, you can get a lot more books available compared to google play books. The reason is Amazon is selling books for ages. You can sync your books across devices with whisper sync technology, highlight text, get the meaning of words. Problem is you have to buy books only from Amazon and other books won’t support.
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3.Aldiko reader

Aldico book reader has 2 versions. Free & Premium. The free version has no support for text highlight and bookmarking. Premium version has those options. Aldiko Book Reader supports E-PUB, PDF, Adobe DRM encrypted pdf books.This app won’t sell books like Kindle and Google Play Books. So, You can buy/download the book from your favorite site.
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4.FB reader

FB reader supports many formats compared to the above apps. But, when it comes to functionality it was slightly worse. FB reader has no built-in dictionary but it has the support of various dictionary plugin support. It supports downloaded books. Fb reader has features like Text high light, Bookmarking, Dictionary (plugin). It supports formats such as e-pub, mobi, pdf etc. This app is the best because it’s free.

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5.Moon Reader

Moon reader has free and paid version apps. It has all the features such as fluid page flow, bookmarking, text high light and TTS engine (text to voice) for pro version app. Free version app didn’t have TTS engine support. Pro version is available for 320 rupees. Compared to Moon reader Pro FB Reader pro comes for just 30 rupees only.

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