The ExpensiveWall, another malware that infects some millions of Google Play Store users

It seems the Better Days are too far for the Google. The reason is another malware affects some millions of Google’s play store users worldwide.


This malware which is named as ” The ExpensiveWall “, can spy us with our own mobile. It sends the personal Information such as messages, pic, locations, and security information in respect of the mobile like IP Address, MAC Address etc . to the attackers.


Once, any application which has this malware is installed,  upon asking for Internet connection permission it sends Premium SMSes, which are chargeable, to the attackers.


With regards to these Malware problems, Google introduces a new mechanism to save the Google’s Play Store Users called Play Protect. But this Play Protect is available to the new versions of Android only, which leaves the old version users safety in a Big Question Mark.


To get protected from these malware problems, users have to install a better antivirus or internet security application in mobile.


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