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How many of you encountered the password problems. Either we forgot the password or the username. When it’s in a hurry we don’t have actually many options. LastPass is for you people. LastPass remembers your username and password and stores in an AES-256 encrypted vault. Not only passwords it also remembers credit card information, form-fill data and stored in an encrypted vault so that no one can actually decrypt it without your Master Password.

How to activate???

LastPass service is available in two methods. As a Browser Extention & as an app for Android, Windows, iOs platforms & as a program for Windows, Linux, Mac platforms.

The browser extension is available for Chrome & Firefox browsers.

In the browser, you have to install the extension from the extension store and setup your account with a Master Password (You must Have to Remember This). Once all setup you can use LastPass to simply enter your password.


In the above image, you will see three dots on every form. When you click that button it fetches your LastPass account and will show all accounts linked to the visited website as a drop-down menu. You have to select the account which needs to be logged in. That’s it. You have surpassed keyloggers, Phishing sites and your friends who are watching what you type. Simple No???

How App works???

LastPass App needs some more customization because as an app it needs to listen to the browser URL’s and App URL’s. We need to enable accessibility access to LastPass to get URL info. LastPass App stores passwords in offline also, for that it creates an encrypted vault in the mobile storage, So, that one can login in even offline. LastPass app uses your device screen lock for vault authentication. If your device has finger print recognition it really works well with your finger print. LastPass stays in the notification bar. When you need to login you have to drag down the notification and click the LastPass icon to enter login information in any App/Website.

Download LastPass For Chrome : 

Download LassPass for Android : 


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