Correct your English Mistakes with “Grammarly….”


ammarly is a web based application that helps people communicate more effectively by correcting grammatical or any other Mistakes.

It checks spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors there by enhancing the beauty of the English language.

Grammarly provides an online text editor where we need to input the text for the correction of any Grammatical, Spelling, and Punctuation Mistakes.

And also it provides an extension to the Browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari. This extension helps to find any mistakes we enter anywhere in the Browser except in the address bar.

The most interesting one is, it is for free of cost.

It has also released an extension to the MS WORD AND OUTLOOK.

You can find the extension  of Grammarly to the MS word is given below

Grammarly for Microsoft® Office

The billow pic shows how to enable and use the Grammarly in MS Word.

And it also has a premium version with more features than the free one. The below pic Gives complete details of free and premium versions of Grammarly

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