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Everyone has experienced the problem of Unwanted mails. We have been browsing a lot of websites and we consciously giving them our mail ID to them for a short time work. That’s it. We will receive lots of mails from them and who bought mail id’s from them. We get notifications for un wanted mails. In this process, we don’t even check wanted messages also.

What’s the solution???

For this problem first, I have tried to unsubscribe from each and every mail sender. But, 100’s of messages in the inbox it became impossible for me to do. So, I found this simple tool to get rid off Un wanted mails. That’s unroll.me.

unsubscribe from unwanted mails

How it works???

  1. Open unroll.me and log in with your Gmail account which you want to manage.
  2. You will find a subscription list.
  3. Check the sender name and hit Un subscribe if you are not interested to receive mails from that sender.
  4. Also, you can roll up some senders. Roll up receives the emails and shows us as a single mail at our preferred time.
  5. That’s it. Now you don’t receive those un wanted mails in your inbox.




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