Mi Mix 2 ‘Vs’ iPhone X

Mi Mix 2 Vs Apple iPhone X

Two new entrants in the bezel less battle are Mi Mix 2 & Apple iPhone X. No physical buttons on the front side is giving much more space to users. iPhone is using the front button as home key and also as a touch ID recognition. So, Now on its moving to face ID which it unlocks the mobile by checking the face of the user.

On another side, Mi mix 2 still uses finger print recognition to unlock the device. What I love in Mi Mix 2 is it doesn’t use any space on top for the stereo speaker which is much needed to listen.Instead, they put the speaker on the top of the phone along with the proximity sensor.

Coming to the specifications

Screen Size : 5.9 ” for Mi Mix 2 & 5.8 ” for iPhone X

Storage : 64 GB for Mi Mix 2 & 64 GB, 256 GB for iPhone X

RAM : 6 GB for Mi Mix 2 & 3 GB for iPhone X

Authentication : Finger Print For Mi Mix 2 & Face ID for iPhone X

OS : Android 7.1 for Mi Mix 2 &  i OS v11 for iPhone X

Available Colors : Black, White for Mi Mix 2 &  Silver, Space Grey for iPhone X

Price : 32900 For Mi Miix 2 & 89000 for iPhone X (Expexted)

No 3.5 MM audio jack for iPhone X


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