MiA1- First ever Google+Mi Mobile

We know Mi mobiles from a long time but, this is not the same mobile which we are expecting.

What’s So Special

Special is it was a mixed product of Google & Mi. Yes, It’s true. Google is making phones from a long time by collaborating with manufacturing companies in the name of Android One. Now it’s Mi chance to manufacture. That’s MiA1.

So, What???

Apart from the collaboration, it comes with flagship Dual Camera (12 MP + 12 MP). The first dual camera phone in Mi series. It comes up with 5.5 inches HD display, 4 GB RAM, Massive 64 GB Internal Storage, 3080 mAh Battery (That’s Good), Full Metal body and available in Gold, Black, Rose Gold Colour.

MiA1 Image

MIUI Version???

Oh ho, It comes with Android one OS. Because of Mi + Google collaboration, this mobile is different from other Mi mobiles. You can’t use MIUI options here. It’s preloaded with Android One OS and Apps. (Still, You can flash MIUI, Will update it in the coming articles).

A Click of MiA1 Dual Camera (From Mi Web Site)

Where Can I Buy???

You can Buy This mobile on 19 Sep, 12 PM 

Link To Buy Mobile : http://fkrt.it/1Qq47!NNNN

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