How To Become WhatsApp Beta Tester



WhatsApp beta tester is the user who gets the beta updates before the normal users. WhatsApp management will test the app functionality by the beta testers to release the stable version of the App for Normal users. So, Normal Users won’t get affected by the bugs which will arise in the testing process. Mostly, app developers opt in for these Beta Programme to be updated.

Any Use If We Opt In For Beta Testing???

Frankly Speaking, there are some uses and some dis-advantages.

Advantages are we are the first one to enjoy new features among our friends (I mean Normal Users)

Dis-advantages are in the beta testing apps may not be stable(Some Times), So, it may drain your battery or it may cause inconvenience to use the app.

How To Become WhatsApp Beta Tester???

1 . The first Step is Click On this Link

2. Sign In to Your Google Account which is used in play store account.

3. Click on Become Beta Tester Button.

4. That’s it. You will receive Latest updates before everyone else.


Updated: With New Update to playstore You can easily opt-in for Beta program by just going down to the app and clicking I’m In Button.

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