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Google Assistant

Imagine you are sitting in a chair relaxed and you want to call a person but, you don’t want to open your phone and dial a number. Solution???

Speak Up Ok Google and boom, Your assistant starts listening to you on your phone. That’s Google assistant. It only starts with the Ok Google keyword that too only with your voice(of course you have to set your voice first)

What more you can do???

You can call a person.

You can ask for the weather of your city.

You can ask for the availability of buses .

You can set an alarm.

You can set a reminder.

It remembers your things.

You can play games with Google assistant.

So, How to activate Google Assistant

1.  You have to join beta program for the apps Google & Google Play Services.

To join Go to Settings >Google > Options > Help & Feed Back > Options > View in Google Play Store


2. After clicking View in Play store scroll down to join the beta program. Click on I’m In Button to join. 

3. Search google in play store and in the app again scroll down to Join the Beta Program.Now you have successfully joined in the beta programs for two apps.

4. Now Goto Settings > Language & Keyboard setting > Language &  input > Change language to English US.

5.Now Goto Settings > Apps > Google App > Storage > Manage Space > Clear All Data Button

6. Now Goto Settings > Apps > Google Play Services App > Storage > Manage Space > Clear All Data Button

7. Now Open Google App > Click Get Started > Click  I’m In > Click On App Menu Button. You will See Google Assistant & settings as shown in image below.

8. Click on settings > turn on Google Assistant 

9. Now Long press your home Button to launch Google assistant and add your voice to detect your command.

10.That’s it. Now you can access your assistant with out touching your phone and do lot more things.

We will update some Google Assistant tricks in the coming days.

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